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Parenting 101


In my years working with kids, I have been asked by several parents, “How do I raise my kids the right way?”  Below there are some thoughts that may ignite ideas on how to better parent your children.  By no means is this an exhaustive list, but a few simple ideas that we may need reminded of.

1.  Let your children be children.  Laugh, joke and be silly with your kids.  To often we try to make mini adults out of our kids.  Let your kids know its ok to have fun.  Enjoy life!

2.  Love your kids.  That may seem like a no brainer, but do your kids KNOW you love them?  Have they heard you say the words?  Each day tell your kids you love them and back it up with your actions.  Also, if you are married, make sure your kids hear you say those words to your spouse.  Kids need to know that their home is bound by love.

3.  Mean what you say!  If you say that ABC is going to happen, make sure that it does.  Either with punishment or reward, if you say this will happen, make it happen.  I don’t know if I would suggest the shirt above for a punishment…but it did make me laugh.pic_141_clean_790

4.  Give them notes.  I am not the best at this, but my wife is.  It’s not unusual for my kids or even myself to have notes from her.  It can be a Post-it in the fridge or a note done with a dry eraser on the bathroom mirror.  It’s a great way for your children to know you are thinking of them when you are not there.  Maybe they will give you a note that will be just as special.

5.  Set expectations.  Let your kids know that you have high expectations for them.  That these expectations are not to control them but to shape them as they grow.  Challenge and stretch them to achieve their very best no matter if it’s chores, academics, or sports.    Make sure you are accepting their best, not someone else’s.

6.  Pray together.  Take time to pray together as a family.  Encourage your kids to take the lead on this as well.  Teach your kids that a relationship with Jesus is most important in life.

7.  Serve together.  If you serve in your church or volunteer for an organization, let your children serve with you.  If they are younger, find ways that they can participate in what you are doing for others.  If they see you do it, they will see the importance of it and do it themselves.

Again, not an exhaustive list, but something I hope helps you in your walk as a parent.