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We Come in Peace!

This Weeks Power Verse!  

“Do your best to live at peace with everyone.”  Romans 12:18

Have you ever watched one of the old black and white alien movies?  Or listened to the radio classic “War of the Worlds” with Orson Welles?  It seems that most of those early alien features make the “visitors” to be eager to wipe out humans and take over the world. .  I guess not until Alf or E.T. did aliens come in peace.

This week we discussed how we, as aliens, are to live at peace with everyone.  Here is a game to help reinforce the lesson.  You will need a hula hoop!

Start the game by saying, “Today we are talking about being a peacemaker. If we are going to be peacemakers, we must look at others as if they are on the same team as we are. We can’t fight against each other. This game is going to teach us how work together as a team as we become peacemakers.”

Join hands and make a circle.  Insert the hula hoop so that it hangs on your joined hands.  Now the fun part.  Now move the hula hoop around your bodies without breaking apart your circle.

Have a great Week!  PEACE!


The Alien Super Power

Sunday was a Super Sunday!  We discussed how we as aliens have super powers.

  1. The Power to Pray
  2. The Power to Understand the Bible
  3. The Power to tell others about Jesus

This weeks Power Verse is:

“You will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes on you…”

Acts 1:8

Garbage In, Garbage Out!

This week Mr. Dennis taught us about the Amazing Alien Diet.  That Garbage in, Garbage out!  What Goes In, Must Come Out!  In other words we have to be careful what we put into our minds and hearts because our actions will reflect that.

One part of the lesson dealt with what you feed will win.  Imagine you own two dogs that fight all the time. Imagine you feed one of them lots of food every day (steak, potatoes, tons of meat scraps), while the other one you might throw a bone every once in a while. If you feed the other one at all it’s only a little. One you feed a lot, the other you feed a little. Let me ask you a question. When those two dogs fight, which one will win?  The one you feed will be strong and healthy and ready to fight. The one you feed will win!

We need to make sure we are feeding the right stuff.  Things that will help us grow in our faith.  For fun, say together  “Garbage In Garbage Out…What Goes In Must Come Out!”  Have a great Week!

This Weeks Power Verse:

Hebrews 5:14

“Good spiritual food is for those who are strong in the Lord…”