Leaving a Lasting Legacy

As any parent would say I have the best kids.  I am proud of my kids and love how greatly different they are.  My son Dakota, is a compassionate, humble, and caring individual.  He shows great leadership in the sports he plays.  Sydney is a funny, witty, and artistic little girl.  She is all about the moment, and lives life hard.

Watching my children get older,  I see bits of myself and my wife in their personalities.  Mostly the good ones.  I believe as parents we want that, we want to see our children become the best parts of who we are.  It’s the drive to pass on a legacy, not just an inheritance or material possessions,  but an inner core of who they are, a lasting legacy built on Godly values.

Recently, a young teen in my church was in some trouble at school.  He was punished and remorseful about his actions.  After spending a few days away from school his parents asked if he needed to pray about the situation.  Quickly, his brother stepped in and informed them that he had already took time to pray with his brother about what had happened.   Most siblings would have ignored it or even used the situation to tease, but not in this case.  This is an example of leaving a true lasting legacy.  These boys see prayer at work at home, not just a token comment before a meal, but really getting what prayer is about.  Their parents are leaving a lasting legacy.

So as you watch your children grow, what part of yourself do you see in your own children?  What are you doing to leave a lasting legacy?  I would love to hear what you are doing.


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