Jesus Heals the Man at Bethesda

April 24, 2011

John 5:1-15

Jesus heals the man at Bethesda

This Weeks Memory Verse:

Psalm 118: 7 “The Lord is with me, He is my helper.”

This week our lesson was about when Jesus healed the man at the Pool of Bethesda   (John 5:1-15).    Jesus sees this man who had been not able to walk for 38 years, and asked him “do you want to be well?”  The man did not really answer the question but talked about how he could not get into the pool.  The man was focused on the pool and not on what Jesus was asking (or on Jesus).

Share this clip from The Karate Kid ( with your children.

This week talk about the lesson again, and how the man was not thinking about Jesus but on other things.   Discuss how sometimes we loose our focus and take our eyes of Jesus, and how sometimes our “focus needs more focus.”

What are some ways we can be more focused on Jesus rather than all the things that surround us and distract us from Jesus and His power?

Hope you had a great Easter week!


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