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Photo Friday

Ready for this year to be “The Year!”


Twitter-Dee & Twitter-Dumb

This week Indiana Deputy Attorney General, Jeff Cox, was fired because of a tweet he had posted which he made reference that the Wisconsin State Police should use “live ammunition”  when removing Union protesters at the Wisconsin State House.  Obviously, not the best move of a government official.  To think that an educated man would write such a thing (and that wasn’t his only Twitter mistake) and not think it would come back to bite him.  Pretty Dumb!

This situation made me think about a phrase we throw around our office from time to time, “everything is hire-able or fire-able.”  What is meant by that phrase is the things you Tweet, post, or blog on the internet can get you fired or affect you being hired.  Posting your feelings is fine, but you have to take the consequences for your feelings when people read them.

If you are looking for a job, any employer worth their salt will be looking at your Facebook page or what you Tweet about.  If you are in the professional world your Social Network entries are open for all to read or interpret.  Your pictures of you drinking at a party, your rude comments about your boss, or your language about people who make you angry, all on the internet for people to read and come to a conclusion of who you are.

Social Networking is a great tool on many levels but it can also destroy you if you don’t keep yourself in check.   If you want to portray yourself as a positive  person don’t post things that are negative.   Post things as if the whole world will read it, because they probably will.  Isn’t that right Jeff Cox?

Oh Becareful Little Eyes…

“Oh becareful little eyes what you see…” a song most children sing some point in Sunday school class, and maybe a song most of us adults need to listen to more closely.  As parents we might feel it is pretty easy to filter what we can watch as “adults”  and what our children can watch.  I think many times we defend this notion because  we think we can watch things that our children shouldnt watch becasue we are “wiser.”  But are we?

I think we as parents need to challenge our thinking when it comes to what we think we can watch.  We are all influenced by what we watch, and our kids are as well.  Here are a few suggestions of how to help keep yourself accountable.

  1. Don’t watch rated “R” movies.  I know what you are thinking, but I will be willing to bet you will not miss anything that spectacular.  This is something I have recently adopted, and I know I am better for it.  When I think about it there are few “R” movies I have really enjoyed, and tons that were just plain awful.
  2. When you are watching TV, anything you have to ask your children to leave to watch, turn off.  The point is, if it is too explicit for them, it maybe for you too.
  3. Have your children hold you accountable.  Your children know more about what you watch than you may realize.  Remember they are soaking up every bit of what you do.  So if you are watching something that is questionable they will be right on it.