Why Volunteer?

One of the most rewarding things you can do in your life is volunteer.  Now before you stop reading, this is not a commercial for people to volunteer in Children’s Ministry, but this is to highlight a few of the benefits of volunteering (my commercial for Children’s Ministry will be coming in the future).  Here are five ways one can benefit from volunteering.

  1. Building Self Esteem:  Many times I have heard from volunteers that they get more out of helping than anything. Volunteering just makes you feel good.  It can also give you a sense of pride to accomplish something that you did for someone else.
  2. Personal Development:  Volunteering helps you get out there and meet new people.  It pushes you outside the box many of us keep ourselves in.  There have been many statistics done about how employers will hire those who volunteer.
  3. Community Concern:  To help your community in areas of need.  We all know areas that could use an extra pair of hands.  Our schools, church, and nursing homes are just a few.
  4. Become More Understanding: To become more aware of other peoples, ethnicities, cultures, and communities.
  5. Passing Your Values on:   There is something special when your children (or the next generation) see adults they look up to volunteer.  If they don’t see us volunteering, they may never see the importance of it.

Volunteering will change you.  It comes down to if you really want to be changed.  If you like add in the comments section other benefits you have had to volunteering, please do.


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