A Special Gift

Last week a long time member of Valley Mills Christian Church, Norm Rogers, left this earth and now is with his Savior.  The last several months he had battled cancer and his faith was never moved.  Being with the family prior and after he passed was a blessing.  I could go on and on about the awesome things that took place in his last moments, but one particular event keeps coming back to me.

One of Norm’s neighbors is a member of our Student Ministry.  She and a few sponsors called some of the youth in the church to go to Norm’s and sing Christmas carols.   Not exactly knowing the status of Norm, the teenagers sang away.  To them is was just a few songs, but little did they know that within that hour Norm would pass.   As the teens sang, the family surrounded their Patriarch, and the singing was a great blessing.

It would have been easy for these kids just stay home, not thinking it was a big deal.   The weather wasnt great, it was cold, it was finals week, and a few may have never met him, but they did it anyway.   They gave a great gift.

So what are you giving for Christmas?


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