Under The Influence!

I am a big football fan.  I love Sunday’s after church, sitting in my big chair, and watching whatever game is on TV.  This past weekend was an interesting.   Though my Bears were blasted by the Patriots, it was fun to watch the two teams play in the blizzard conditions.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and we would play pick up games in the neighborhood during snow days.  You really felt like a pro player when you were slushing through the deep snow and how we would imulate our favorite players.  How we would try to run like Walter Peyton, throw like Joe Montana, and hit like “Mean Joe”  Greene.

Another football moment from this weekend, which received lots of press, was a coach for the New York Jets tripping a Miami Dolphins player as he ran along the sideline.  Nolan Carroll, of the Jets, was covering a punt return.  As he passed a group of coaches, Sal Alosi, a strength and conditioning coach, leaned towards Carroll and tripped him.  After the incedent Carroll was not seriously hurt but did stay on the ground for a few minutes.  Since Sunday,  I am sure millions of fans witnessed this bad display of sportsmanship from this Jets Coach over the last few days.

People need to realize that we are under the influence.  That our actions, good or bad,  influence others.  People will see your greatness and try to achieve it or see your ignorance and give excuses to achieve nothing.  I’ll take greatness!


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