Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

Recently, I was asked by one of the children at my church “do dog’s go to heaven?”  This wasn’t one of those silly questions to get a laugh from the class, but a very serious question.  This was one time I had the complete attention of my 40 plus students.  They all wanted to hear this answer.  I gave, I thought, a good answer which I completely rode the fence.  Well, a good answer till I got home.

Meeting me at the door was Buster.  Buster is our new addition and he is a Baskin Robbins dog (he has 31 flavors of dog in him).  Seeing him play with my kids made me ponder a bit.  What would a child say if they were asked  “do you think that dog’s go to heaven?”  I believe the answer would be one sided.  Think about it, how many times have you heard a child pray for his dog?  How many times have you heard the laughter of your daughter playing with her four legged best friend?

I do think there is some biblical insight to this great question.  Jesus was pretty clear that to enter heaven we must be more like a child, possibly even think like one.    The children I teach are often amazed that adults lose grip of their faith in God.   That as we older get we question Him.  Jesus understood this, and knew a child’s instinctive ideals of God and heaven are far greater than ours.

So I ask myself, what would a child say?


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  1. If Dogs don’t go to heaven, I can’t imagine it as a paradise. Dogs are about the only other creature on this planet I can relate too. 🙂


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