A Good Laugh

Today I wanted to share something my daughter wrote for school a few weeks ago.  My daughter Sydney is a very funny little girl, sometimes I just have to laugh.  I hope it brings a smile to your face.

IMG_0165A Christmas Memory

By: Sydney Ebersold

One Christmas at my Mamaw’s house my little cousin Lola got all of her presents opened.  She got a a little teacup set and I helped her put her pinky up and drink some good tea and we had a good time…but all my presents had slobber on it.

The End


Quotable Syd


march08 054Quotable Syd posts are stories of my wild child Sydney and her active imagination and whit.  Enjoy!


On Sydney’s first day of Kindergarten she was told that Mommy signed a paper that if she misbehaved on the bus that she would not be allowed to ride it.  Sydney responded, “then why did you sign it?”

That’s my Girl!

Photo Friday

Celebrating the first snow in the Indianapolis area.

P1080889Syd in Flight!